News from Obton

Obton buys almost 200 megawatts of battery storage projects from Kyon Energy in 2023

194,7 MW of the 600 MW framework agreement between Kyon Energy and Obton is fulfilled in the first out of three years.

Obton appointed a state backed tariff on two new solar projects in Ireland

Obton has just been awarded contracts for two solar projects in the Irish Renewable Electric Support Scheme (RESS 3).

Obton enters the Swedish solar market

Together with a strong Swedish partner, Obton has just secured the rights to build its first solar PV plant in Sweden. Cooperation agreement on several energy projects is in place.

Used solar PV-modules are resold or sent for recycling

When Obton disposes of used solar PV-modules, defective units are sent for recycling, while the others are resold.

Obton and Kyon Energy conclude framework agreement for battery storage

Largest framework agreement for battery storage between project developers and investors in continental Europe.

Ingka Investments acquires a French solar project from Obton

Obton has developed the solar project to a ready-to-build project. Obton will still play an advisory role in the engineering and procurement phase.

Obton delivers satisfying annual accounts despite challenges in 2022

Obton has just published its annual accounts for 2022, which shows an operating profit of DKK 321 million. At the same time the revenue increased with 73 pct. to DKK 1.1 billion.

Obton publishes record-breaking accounts. Again

Obton has posted profits before tax of DKK 272 million for the financial year 2021 – a result that firmly positions solar energy as an attractive opportunity for Danish investors.

Huge deal for Obton: buying Italian solar plants for DKK 4 billion

As from the spring of 2022, Obton has taken over a portfolio of 144 operational solar plants at locations all over Italy.

Obton purchases Japanese solar farm with financial backing from EKF

An export loan of approximately DKK 500 million from EKF (Denmark’s Export Credit Agency) enables Obton to purchase the 31 MWp Shirakawa Solar Farm in Japan.

Obton sells Dutch solar PV plant to the German investment company CEE Group

“We’re incredibly proud to have been able to develop a solar PV plant of this size from scratch, and then to sell it on to a large, professional, institutional investor, says CEO Anders Marcus

Obton Group boosts its board of directors with prominent international executives

The new members of the board will take up their duties in connection with the finalisation of the transaction that has seen the leading Northern European private equity investment firm FSN Capital purchase 45 percent of Obton Group.

Sustainability in the spotlight at Obton

Sustainability and the green transition are high on the agenda for us at Obton. Read more about this in our new Sustainability Report.

Obton to invest more in Irish solar energy sector

Obton and Shannon Energy plans to develop 1 Gigawatt (GW) of solar PV projects in Ireland over the next five years.

Why Obton is developing and building more solar farms from scratch

Access to new, upcoming markets and competitive advantages are among the factors that are crucial to the strategy.

Solar industry working to tackle the challenge of solar PV-module scrap

The service life of a solar PV-module is at least 30 years. But what is to happen to tens of thousands of solar PV-modules when they are ready for the scrap heap?

Private equity fund invests in Obton

The Nordic-based private equity fund FSN Capital has acquired 45% of Obton, which in recent years has secured solid financial results by investing in solar parks around the globe.

Obton now the 9th largest solar player in Europe

New report from Solarplaza ranks Danish Obton 9th among Europe's largest players in solar energy. CEO Anders Marcus is happy about moving into the top 10.

Shannon Energy powered by Obton awarded 11 solar projects in provisional results of Irish Government's Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS)

The projects represent an initial investment of €100 million in the Irish solar energy sector, which when developed will deliver a total of 120 MW of solar power to homes throughout the country.

Recycling of solar modules – here are the options

What happens with the actual solar modules when they are no longer operational. Get the answers here.

11 solar projects submitted to the first round of Government's renewable electricity support scheme

The projects represent an investment of more than €60 million in the Irish solar energy sector.

Sustainable investment: Solar gets a boost on new EU list

It will be easier for investors to choose truly sustainable investments with the new taxonomy proposal from the EU Commission.

Community financing - the future of solar?

Renewable energy investing has traditionally been a game for the large players. Not anymore. In the Netherlands, a young company is making solar energy projects happen through small investments from locals and average citizens.

Obton supports UN Principles for Responsible Investment

“As an investment firm, we bear a responsibility to manage our assets in a way that benefits society”, says CEO Anders Marcus.

Clenergy and Obton close sale of 65MW solar power project in Germany

Obton has acquired its largest PV farm to date

Obton to invest €300m in the Irish solar energy sector

Obton together with its Irish partner Shannon Energy will develop up to 500 MW of solar PV projects in Ireland over the next five years.

6 renewable energy trends to look out for in 2020

Solar energy outpaced every other electricity generating source in the last decade. And this technology shows no sign of slowing down in 2020. Obton’s expert gives us his best tips for renewable energy trends to watch in the new year.

Oil companies see the light in green solar power

Solar parks and filling stations with solar panels on the roof are now a fact of life for several conventional oil and gas companies.

Obton presents one of Europe’s biggest solar funds to date with sustainable investments totalling DKK 12 billion

By launching Obton’s biggest solar fund to date, the Aarhus company Obton expects to raise investments in solar parks totalling DKK 12 billion

This renewable energy source dominated the past decade

If the challenge of transforming the global energy system to a low carbon one seems daunting, you only need to look at renewable energy investment over the past decade!

Obton lands Canadian contract of record proportions: Signs Canada's largest PPA ever

The Danish solar developer Obton has just entered into the largest Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to date on the sale of electricity from a 170-megawatt solar park in Alberta

5 things to do to become a green company

Climate changes challenge us and are much in focus in the public debate. So how can companies make the most sustainable choices? Obton talked to Christian Ibsen, director of the green think tank CONCITO.

The green finish line is a long way off

EU member countries will have to raise the bar to achieve the common 2020 goals for sustainable energy. As things stand now, we are headed in the wrong direction. Solar PV systems could be a future solution if the EU is to reach the next climate goals.

A revolution in sustainable investments? Meet the EU’s new list

The days of making wild and undocumented claims about sustainable investments may soon be over. With its new detailed list, the EU aims to provide investors with a clear framework for assessing whether an investment is sustainable or not.

Obton amongst the 11 largest European solar asset owners

Danish investment company Obton sits 11th on the ranking of the biggest asset owners in the European solar business, according to a recent report from the industry platform Solarplaza.

The IKEA-effect: How big companies are driving demand for renewable energy

Corporate demand for renewable energy will only continue to rise in the future. To understand what is driving the change, you need only look at IKEA. The global furniture retailer is rapidly becoming a corporate activist in the area of sustainability. One of the first milestones is IKEA’s own energy consumption, and a company the size of IKEA has the power to increase global demand for renewable energy, explains our analyst.

Record earnings yet again at Obton Group

Increasing interest in sustainable investments, expansions on the European and Australian markets and an increase in the number of real estate projects have resulted in a pre-tax profit of EUR 19,5 million for Obton Group

Why solar energy is back from the dead in Spain

Optimism seems to have returned to the Spanish solar market after a lost decade of sluggish growth. Our expert offers her views on why solar energy looks poised to transform the Spanish energy system.

France: Obton among winners in major solar PV auction

France is set to add another 855 MW of solar energy to its production after the completion of its fifth major solar PV auction. The auction approved a total of 118 new ground-mounted solar PV projects – Obton’s French subsidiary, Coruscant Développement, is responsible for two of these.

France – between nuclear and renewables

The French government has laid out ambitious plans to massively expand its renewable energy production in the next decade. The plan will mean closing coal-fired power plants. However, the country has put the brakes on its plans to phase out a number of nuclear reactors. This approach risks making the transition to renewable energy more expensive to French consumers, warns our expert.

Is planning the biggest threat to renewable energy?

The biggest obstacle in the transition to renewables-based energy systems may be neither technology nor cost, a new report suggests. Already today, renewable energy projects can be stalled by lengthy planning processes, and this challenge is only set to increase. Solar energy, however, may partly solve the planning problem, suggests our expert.

Renewables: On the brink of a storage breakthrough?

As even more renewable energy is added to our energy systems, the need for reliable and scalable storage technologies increases. And there is cause for cautious optimism regarding energy storage, explains our expert.

2019 in solar: 5 predictions for the new year

Solar energy is rapidly taking its place as a key renewable in the energy system of the future. That trend will only continue in 2019. Our expert offers his predictions on important events that may either slow or accelerate the rise of solar energy.

Why joint ventures may be the future of renewable energy projects

Obton is increasingly targeting joint venture projects with local developers in different countries. Three new solar projects are currently underway in Australia following the collaboration between Obton and the developer Torus. The joint venture model allows local knowledge and international project financing to work hand in hand, and this has resulted in a fast and flexible start-up process.

How a trade war is boosting solar energy in Europe

While China and the USA exchange blows in a tit for tat trade war, the real winners of the conflict may be found beyond these countries. European solar PV developers and European consumers both stand to benefit from the trade war between the two superpowers, explains our expert.

How earthquakes are changing the Dutch energy system

For more than 50 years, the Netherlands has been blessed by its enormous natural gas reserves. But recent events have shown the Dutch that cheap and abundant energy can also come at a price. Trade attaché at the Embassy of Denmark in the Netherlands, Heide Ehlert-Jürgensen, explains why the Dutch energy system is changing rapidly.

What EU’s new renewable target will mean for solar energy

The EU has adopted a new 32% target for renewable energy by 2030. This new ambitious target is likely to boost solar deployment even further in European member states, predicts our expert.

Renewables: How the Dutch can meet its impossible targets

The Netherlands is undertaking the enormous task of transforming its energy system. Historically, the Dutch have relied heavily on their gas reserves, but with natural deposits dwindling, the country is looking to renewable energy to meet its energy demands. And as Obton’s CEO, Anders Marcus, explains, solar energy will play a key role.

Beyond subsidies - the future of the European solar PV market

Though moving at wildly different speeds, the European markets for solar PVs are gradually shifting away from subsidies to market-based pricing, as the cost of solar energy has been dramatically reduced in the past years. Here, we look at three examples of how European countries are promoting renewable energy.

Why you should care about cleaning your solar PV array

Keeping a solar photovoltaic (PV) array clean of dust, dirt and debris is not as easy as it may sound. Deciding when and how often to clean them is something of an art form. Our expert in the field shares his secrets.

Common (and costly) sources of PV yield loss – and how to avoid them

Even relatively minor inefficiencies in a PV plant can result in substantial yield loss. We offer a few tips on how to keep your facility running smoothly.

How to develop successful solar PV projects – a brief check list

There are numerous hurdles and pitfalls for a solar photovoltaic project to make it from the idea stage to a fully operational facility. By doing your homework, you minimize the risk of unpleasant – and costly – surprises, advises our expert.

Acquisition of independent power producer Coruscant serves as a catalyst for Obton’s growth ambitions for a further 100-200 MWp in France

Last week, Obton announced its acquisition of French independent power producer Coruscant. The deal involves the acquisition of 30 MWp solar projects in operation, while another 20 MWp are under construction. The acquisition is a key part of Obton’s growth strategy in France where the ambition is to expand the existing portfolio by 100-200 MWp in the coming years.

Obton, Ambassador, King's Commissioner and Mayor inaugurate 14 MWp solarpark in the Netherlands

Once completed, the solar park will consist of 117.000 modules supplying electricity to nearly 3.000 households. The inauguration ceremony on the construction site marks the culmination of a dedicated effort from Obton and the collaborators involved.

Obton acquires co-ownership of Italian 50 MWp solar portfolio

The agreement makes Obton one of the 2 main shareholders in the solar PV-project, Copernico, which also includes Italian institutional investors. In addition to co-ownership of the solar PV-project, Obton shall also be a part of the project investment committee which holds the overall responsibility for the operation of the project’s PV-plants.

Obton explores Canada with established Canadian project developer

Obton enters the Canadian market with full effect through an equity investment into the experienced renewable energy developer Perimeter Solar Inc. Obton enters co-ownership deal with recognized Canadian project developers, Perimeter Solar Inc. The co-ownership means that Obton now owns 49% of the company, who has more than 280 MW under development in Canada.

Obton Holding II A/S achieves solid results for 2016

Obton Holding II A/S – the parent company of Obton A/S and Koncenton A/S - publishes an EBIT of DKK 78 million for the financial year 2016. This is a historic result, showing a 90% improvement over 2015.

Obton attends Intersolar 2017

Once again, Obton is in Munich for the worlds largest exhibition for the solar industry. The procurement team at Obton has dedicated the next few days to network, meet new and existing business partners and be inspired by an exhibition with nearly 40,000 visitors.

With 9 Mwp Obton enters UK

Finalizing the transaction of two solar PV projects of 4.9 MWp and 4.1 MWp respectively, the Danish investment company enters the scene of the UK solar market.

Obton A/S enters the Dutch PV-market

After extended analysis of the market, we are proud to announce that Obton has invested in a solar park of 14 MWp in the northeastern parts of the Netherlands. It is the first time Obton enters the Dutch market for solar power, and with this investment Obton manages one of the largest solar projects in the Netherlands.

Obton, Rabobank agree on EUR 30,2 M refinancing of operational PV-portfolio in Belgium

In late December 2016, Obton and Dutch multinational bank Rabobank finalized the refinancing of an operational PV-portfolio of 40 rooftops to a total capacity of 12,85 MWp. Early 2016, the Belgian PV-plants were acquired and added to Obtons portfolio of renewable energy assets with a total of 250 MWp.

Obton A/S and NORD/LB complete third rooftop solar transaction in France

In a prompt and effective 4 months period, Obton A/S and NORD/LB have deployed a total debt volume of EUR 48 M, proving the efficiency and strength of the partnership.