Obton teams up with Trina Storage to deliver Elementa energy storage systems in Germany

Obton A/S has partnered with Trina Storage to install over 35 MWh of storage capacity in Tangermünde in the Saxony-Anhalt region.

The collaboration marks Obton’s position in the German market and Torsten Lauritsen, VP and Head of Energy Storage & Power Portfolio Management at Obton, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, citing Trina Storage's esteemed reputation and track record in the industry.

“We are pleased to be working with Trina Storage and the wider Trina Solar group as a Tier 1 provider of energy storage and solar solutions. The business has held this position in the market for more than 25 years and is widely renowned for its high quality, long-term reliability and top bankability. We expect this new project to be a major success,” Torsten Lauritsen says.

Trina Storage will deliver its Elementa cabinets, alongside Power Conversion Systems from Power Electronics and the associated software and controls, to Obton’s Tangermünde site. The project has been originated by Kyon Energy who will continue to jointly handle general contracting through to turnkey commissioning of the battery storage facility, due in the fourth quarter of 2024. Once operational, the project will provide arbitrage and grid support, including primary and secondary control power. The Tangermünde project is part of a comprehensive framework agreement between Kyon Energy and Obton.

Trina Storage Elementa is a modular and fully integrated smart storage solution tailored for grid-scale installations. It includes advanced safety features, such as liquid-cooled LFP batteries, fire suppression systems and configurable multi-level battery management systems.

“We have ambitious plans for the Tangermünde site, with the installation of the Elementa units adding a significant new dimension to the site’s capabilities. Our collaboration with Trina Storage will be hugely important in helping us play our part in the wider energy transition,” Torsten Lauritsen says.

The Tangermünde site will be included in the investor-owned fund 'Obton Dynamic,' managed by Obton Forvaltning A/S.

Obton's Heiner Breuer and Torsten Lauritsen meet with Ramy Shahat and Juan Ceballos of Trina Storage (all left to right) to formalize the signing of Obton's Tangermünde project, which represents the first contract for Trina Storage in Germany. Source: Trina Storage


About Trina Storage
Trina Storage, a business unit of Trina Solar established in 2015, is a global leader in energy storage products and solutions. Leveraging over 26 years of expertise in solar manufacturing, the company offer cost-effective and flexible storage solutions to meet the diverse needs of their global customers.

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