Obton enters the Swedish solar market

Together with a strong Swedish partner, Obton has just secured the rights to build its first solar PV plant in Sweden. Cooperation agreement on several energy projects is in place.

Obton's first solar PV palnt in Sweden will be built southwest of Stockholm and will have a installed capacity of 15 MWp. According to Kenneth F. Kolvits, Senior Business Development Manager and responsible for Obton's entry into the Swedish market, the project will reach the "ready-to-build" stage end of 2024, and the solar PV plant is expected to go into operation at the end of 2025.

"We have made a cooperation agreement with our Swedish partner, and this first project has shown that we work very well together. We contribute with our strengths within the evaluation of solar PV projects, financing as well as construction and operation, while our Swedish partner contributes with extensive local knowledge as well as effective management and progress within project development," says Kenneth F. Kolvits.

More projects in the pipeline

With a strong partnership in place, Obton has secured a solid foundation for developing several healthy projects in Sweden.

"We are already analyzing several solar PV and battery storage projects in Sweden. Our Swedish partner has extensive experience both from Sweden and a number of other countries worldwide, we are really strong in relation to realizing our ambitions in Sweden," says Kenneth F. Kolvits.

The Swedish market for field-based solar PV plants is completely new, but within renewable energy, Sweden has for many years had largely the same ambitions as Denmark. In addition, the Danish and Swedish markets are very similar in terms of development processes and the electricity market in general.

"All in all, we assess that there is a very large potential for energy projects in Sweden - and thus also for Obton and our investors," concludes Kenneth F. Kolvits.

Kenneth F. Kolvits, Senior Business Development Manager at Obton.


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