Obton supports UN Principles for Responsible Investment

“As an investment firm, we bear a responsibility to manage our assets in a way that benefits society”, says CEO Anders Marcus.

At a time when the need for sustainable decisions and actions is constantly growing, the Danish solar investor Obton has chosen to endorse the UN's Six Principles for Responsible Investments, or PRI.

“As an investment firm, we bear a responsibility to manage our assets in a way that benefits society. By endorsing the UN principles, we are underscoring our wish to manage investments in such a way that we take due consideration of the environment, social conditions and management”, says CEO Anders Marcus.

The PRI is a UN‐supported network that was established back in 2005 when then Secretary General Kofi Annan invited a group of the world's major institutional investors to contribute to the drawing up of principles for responsible investment. From this work six principles arose, which were presented in April 2006 at the New York Stock Exchange.

“With Obton's 700 plus international solar projects, we create green energy in over 10 countries and thereby facilitate green investments for our investors, to the benefit of both investors and society. But we want to extend this social responsibility even more. In the PRI network, we commit to being conscious of this responsibility in all parts of the investment process, so we, for instance, are mindful that the labour and environmental conditions also have to be in order,” explains Anders Marcus.

Since its creation, the PRI network has grown significantly and today includes nearly 3,000 investors globally.

“We are looking forward to being part of a global network that works for a more responsible way of managing the world's resources. As a company, we already support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and our joining PRI is a natural extension of this. We need our world to have the best chances for a better future”, Marcus concludes.

“Obton’s commitment to investing in renewable energy, and their recognition of the importance of doing business in a way that benefits employees and communities, is to be warmly applauded,” said PRI CEO Fiona Reynolds.  “We look forward to working with them in the coming months.”

ESG conditions refers to Environmental, Social and Governance which, in practice, means that we examine the environmental, social and management conditions in the solar energy companies we invest in. Read more about the Principles on the PRI organisation's website www.unpri.org


About Obton

Obton is an investment and management company specialised in renewable projects. Obton represents retail investors and manages a rapid growing PV-portfolio of more than 860 MW with an enterprise value of EUR 1,4 billion. The plants are primarily located in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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