Obton delivers satisfying annual accounts despite challenges in 2022

Obton has just published its annual accounts for 2022, which shows an operating profit of DKK 321 million. At the same time the revenue increased with 73 pct. to DKK 1.1 billion.

“2022 was a year where we were exposed to many unpredictable events. The war in Ukraine put the European energy supply under pressure, which resulted in a very high increase in energy prices. The inflation and the interest rates also went up and we experienced challenges with the international supply chains concerning the delivery of new solar modules,” says CEO in Obton, Anders Marcus and continues:

“Seen in the light of the difficult circumstances we have delivered a very pleasing annual result. At the same time we have proven that we have a solid and robust business foundation that can resist both unpredictable challenges and costs – and that we are able to make use of new possibilities in an ever-changing market,” he points out.

Business potential in energy storage

Based on the events of 2022 and the escalating climate changes, politicians all over the world agree that many more sustainable energy projects must be built during the coming decades.

“In Obton we are ready to take part in the development. Also, we can contribute with battery storage projects which we think is an area with a very big business potential. The opportunities for storing energy is a primary condition for the world to keep expanding the huge amounts of renewable energy, e.g. solar and wind energy,” says Anders Marcus.

So far, Obton manages two battery parks in Germany and more projects are headed for the portfolio.


Read Annual Report 2022 here

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