Private equity fund invests in Obton

The Nordic-based private equity fund FSN Capital has acquired 45% of the Danish company Obton, which in recent years has secured solid financial results by investing in solar parks around the globe.


Partner Lars Denkov from FSN Capital says that the private equity fund sees enormous potential in Obton Group. “At FSN, we have a strong belief that the green transition of the energy system to renewable energy is one of the most interesting investment themes for the coming decades. As one of the largest and most experienced developers, administrators and investors in solar energy in Europe, the Obton Group is very well positioned in this fast-growing industry, ”Says Lars Denkov, and continues: "We are incredibly proud that the founders and management of Obton have chosen FSN Capital as a partner in the future growth journey."

Obton’s co-founder and CEO, Anders Marcus, adds: “For a long time, we wanted to bring some stronger competencies into the company who can take even more international knowledge and experience into the boardroom. We now get that with FSN Capital's entry into the company. We are both proud and happy to be able to attract such a competent investor,” says Anders Marcus.

Common values

The partnership with FSN Capital has taken place after a long process, where Obton Group has been in dialogue with several interested parties, who in addition to the purely business visions and ambitions should also share values ​​with Obton Group.

"Both Obton Group and FSN Capital share a value base that the business is run in a proper and sound manner, and it has been important to us that this continues in the new collaboration," says Anders Marcus.

It is especially the solar business in Obton that has been the major attraction for the interest that investors and private equity funds have shown for Obton Group in recent times.

Obton is the 9th largest administrator of solar parks in Europe. We are an experienced player in the solar cell industry, which is undergoing a rapid development that looks set to continue for many years to come. Sustainability, renewable energy and the green transition are megatrends. This is just the beginning of the global green energy revolution, which will change the way we think about climate, energy and infrastructure - and we have a head start in terms of our experience,” explains Anders Marcus.


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