Sustainability in the spotlight at Obton

Sustainability and the green transition are high on the agenda for us at Obton and for our investors. That is why we are working concertedly with responsible investments and the integration of ESG factors in all areas of our business. You can find out more about this in our new Sustainability Report.

“In just a few years, Obton has become one of the biggest players in Europe when it comes to investment in solar energy. This carries an obligation to share in the responsibility for nudging things in the right direction with regard to the green transition.” So says Anders Marcus, CEO at Obton.

He goes on to emphasise that Obton will be focusing increasingly on its work with sustainability and the integration of ESG factors over the coming years – across all the company’s initiatives and activities. When Obton develops or purchases new solar farms, for example, as well as in the administration of the large solar funds and in the operation of its own business.

“It’s important to me, to the Board and to the rest of the organisation that sustainability should not simply be something we write about in glossy reports, prospectuses and internal policy documents. Sustainability has to be something we do, and something we act on through tangible goals and action plans,” affirms Anders Marcus.   

Thorough ESG analyses

In 2019, Obton ratified the UN Principles for Responsible Investments – commonly referred to as “PRI” – which constitute a shared commitment to take on social responsibility in connection with investments. As a result of this ratification, Obton now includes clarification of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) conditions as an integral part of all processes when making investments in new and existing solar power projects around the world.

“When we invest today, we focus actively on ESG criteria at our suppliers of solar PV-modules and inverters, and we go the extra mile to select the appropriate locations and launch initiatives to benefit biodiversity and wildlife. And you are sure to see more and more initiatives of this kind in the future,” says the CEO.    

Sustainability is good for investors

According to Anders Marcus, increased emphasis on sustainability and ESG is also a major plus for Obton’s investors.

“We’re convinced that sustainability and long-term, risk-adjusted returns go hand in hand. When we identify risks concerning environmental, social and governance criteria, and work actively with them, we actually reduce the risk that there may be conditions that could have a negative impact on our business. This applies in all areas: the operation of our solar farms, revenues, return for investors and Obton’s reputation,” concludes Anders Marcus.

Click here to read the Obton Sustainability Report

The report contains information about our international obligations, policies, action plans and objectives, as well as examples of our sustainable activities and initiatives.

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