Terms of use and privacy policy


Obton can send me e-mails and call me for relevant marketing purposes (you may at any time opt out).

For marketing purposes, Obton may collect and use data about me and my activities and correlate such data with information that Obton already has or will receive from e.g. cookies from Obton’s website.

The collected data can include name, address, email address, phone number, gender, date of birth, and browsing pattern on the Obton website as well as click information gathered on Obtons website.

Obton may share data about my activities internally within the Group and with the Group's collaborators with the purpose of sending me emails regarding Obton's newsletter and services.

Obton will store my data. I can always contact Obton if I have questions or requests regarding my data. I can always withdraw my consent by contacting Obton.

Obton may use this consent to inform me and request an update of my consent or data about me, should changes occur to relevant products, partners or ways/channels of communication.

Obton is responsible for data. Full business name and address is Obton A/S, Kristine Nielsens Gade 5, Aarhus C. Denmark 

Cookie policy

Purpose of the website's use of cookies

This website uses cookies for the following purposes:


Required cookies that ensure technical features, such as logging in, adding items to a shopping cart, rejecting cookies or using social media from the page, such as sharing content from the page.

Preference cookies that remember your choices and settings.

Analysis Purposes

Traffic measurement displaying, among other things, how many people visit our website.

Operating and optimization cookies that help us improve the user experience enabling us to analyze how the page is found and by which type of users.

Targeted marketing so we can customize and improve our marketing and make it more relevant to our users.

Anonymous tracking for cross-site marketing, uncovering what type and which patterns our users have.

Who puts cookies on the site?

1st party cookies are placed by:

Obton A/S
Kristine Nielsens Gade 5
DK-8000 Aarhus

3rd party cookies are set off:

  • Google Analytics
  • Autopilot HQ
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft
  • Sleeknote
  • Vimeo
  • Snowplow Analytics
  • ClickDimension
  • Adform
Owner Information 

This website belongs to:

Obton A/S
Kristine Nielsens Gade 5
DK-8000 Aarhus
+45 86 26 12 00

The website owner is responsible for Danish law for cookies or similar technologies in connection with the use of this website.


This website uses cookies according to the abovementioned purposes.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored locally on your device and allows you to access already stored information on your device. You can read more about cookies on the Danish Agency for Business Administration website here.

There is no personal information stored in our cookies and they cannot contain viruses. 

Examples of what cookies can be used for

Cookies can be used to secure a particular feature, for example, log in information, content in a shopping cart, multimedia videos and social media plug-ins, etc. (required and preference cookies). They can also be used to measure the number of visitors (traffic metrics) and improve the user-friendliness of a page by analyzing how the web page is used (operation and optimization). Cookies can also be used to promote marketing for you to become more relevant (marketing, targeted advertising) or to find out what kind of profile and pattern users of the webpage have (analysis / marketing, anonymous tracking across websites ).

For as long as cookies are stored

Cookies can be permanent or so-called session cookies that delete themselves when you close your browser or after a certain amount of time (which may vary from hours to months or even years), but renewed on each visit.

Cookie life on this website

Some cookies on this site are permanent, ie. that you should delete them if you want them removed while some are session cookies that delete themselves when you close your browser.

Other cookies on the site are session cookies that have the following longer life (unless you delete them before they expire or renew):

Google Analytics cookies (traffic metric) - expires no later than two years.

How to avoid cookies

If you do not want to receive cookies from the website, you can select cookies from your browser. Information about this is available from the individual browser provider. However, this may mean that you may not be able to use our site in whole or in part. 

See how to delete cookies in the most common browsers and devices: 



Privacy policy

Personally identifiable information

When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it is always done by giving your explicit consent so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why. We never collect personally identifiable information without giving you this information, for example, by signing up, signing up for an event, purchasing a product or participating in a survey, retrieving a guide, participating in a competition, accessing protected content etc. The information is never disclosed to third parties for use, but is stored in one of the Obton accessible systems.

Use of personally identifiable information

Personal information is primarily used to gain a greater knowledge of you and other users of the website. This use may include Include surveys and analyzes aimed at improving our products, services and technologies, as well as displaying content and advertisements tailored to your interests and hobbies.

The Personal Data Act - Contact

The company is subject to the Personal Data Act, which means, that, as a registered person, you always have the right to object to processing your information that you have the right to understand what information is registered about you and to revoke a given consent.

Please contact the data controller via email: obton@obton.com or tel. +45 86 26 12 00. If you have found incorrect data or have any other objections, please contact the same location.

Protection of personal data

The registered personal information is kept safe and confidential. However, we can not guarantee 100 percent security for data transfers over the Internet, which means there may be a risk that others will gain unauthorized access to information when data is sent and stored electronically. You ultimately give your personal information at your own risk.